A Sustainable SUV? Indeed.

When we first saw pictures of the Bollinger Motors B1 our jaws hit the floor with a thud. It looked as though some automotive mad scientist had taken one of our favorite vintage Land Rovers, bred it with a mid-60’s Bronco and then threw in a little bit of International Scout just for good measure. Then they modernized it, minimized it and painted it black, all of which made us really want one – possibly more than any other SUV in the history of off-road capability.

Wait a minute. Did I just say SUV?

Oh, man, and just like that, we’re reminded of our conflicting desires. Sure we want an awesome truck, but we also want to do right by the planet. Darn it! Being human just plain sucks sometimes. Before turning the page on yet another forbidden fruit however, we happen to meander over to the specifications sheet and notice this unexpected and rather lovely sentence: The B1 is powered by a 100% electric drivetrain that delivers instant torque, silent operations, zero emissions, and that also functions as a portable power supply for tools, machines, or even off-the-grid cabins

Wait, what?

That’s right. Bollinger Motors has created the world's first all-electric sport utility vehicle.


Did I mention that we really, really want one?

The Bolinger Motors B1 will have a minimum 200 mile EPA range and production will start in late 2019 with the first deliveries in 2020. Price? Sorry, they haven't released that information yet. Gawking is free through.

Bollinger Motors B1

Bollinger Motors B1Bollinger Motors B1

Bollinger Motors B1

Bollinger Motors

Bollinger B1

Bollinger B1



Photos courtesy of Bollinger Motors