Three Electric Bikes That We Love

The concept of electric bikes is pretty cool – anything that helps the population burn less fossil fuel is great – but in truth, we’ve never been very stoked about how they look. Most of them are clunky at best. But that appears to be changing. E-bikes have come a long way lately, not just aesthetically, but technologically as well. Check out these three that recently caught our attention.

Audi E-Bike Prototype – The Rocket Ship

Technically this is a prototype and may never make it into production, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still drool over it. If the space age design isn’t enough to get your heart racing, consider the fact that this thing does 50mph - a speed that easily puts it in the ranks of the fastest electric bike on the planet. Then there’s the onboard touchscreen computer which (of course) links to all of your social media accounts and allows you to instantly share videos (taken via the onboard video camera) of all the radical trick sequences you pull off after putting the thing into wheelie mode. Yes, you read that correctly. It has a wheelie mode! Now you can ride wheelies until the battery dies thanks to the built-in gyro balancing system. Overkill? Perhaps. But we still think it’s pretty darn awesome.


Faraday – The Classic

The coolest thing about the Faraday Porteur is that it doesn’t look like an electric bike at all. You’d be hard-pressed to even locate the battery. The most battery-like looking thing on the bike is actually the little brain that controls everything. The actual battery – a custom job designed specifically for the bike – is hidden inside the frame. While Faraday might not be the first electric bike company to attempt hiding the battery inside the frame, they’re certainly the first to do so without just designing a gigantic frame to hide it in. Rather, they focused on building a very small and highly efficient battery, resulting in a bike that actually looks like a bike, which, in the world of e-bikes, is a pretty monumental achievement.

UNIMOKE  – The Gritty Little Underdog

What’s not to like about an electric bike that strongly resembles that Honda Trail 50 you wanted when you were twelve? We simply love this rugged little thing. Originally designed for the rental market in Mallorca, the UNIMOKE has evolved into a fully realized urban utility bike that excels at daily commuting and running errands. It also loves hitting the beach or taking things offroad thanks to those fat little knobby tires. But even if the function isn’t really your thing, you’re still likely to be swayed by this bike's form. It just looks like a huge pile of fun, doesn’t it?