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ReClaimed & ReUtilized: Our Denim Utility Jacket

ReClaimed & ReUtilized: Our Denim Utility Jacket

For our Denim Utility Jacket we worked with a company in Los Angeles that specializes in reclaiming fabrics that would otherwise end up in a landfill. When larger companies complete big production runs – think 30,000 pairs of pants – they often end up with a roll or two of leftover fabric. Typically this would simply go into a dumpster as it’s not worth the effort to find a use for such a small amount of material, let alone store it.

That is until our partner steps in and offers to pick up the fabric and pay for it. It’s a win-win. The big company gets paid for their trash and the environment isn’t forced to absorb even more textile waste – a number that already hits 25 billion pounds a year in the United States alone.

We then roll up our sleeves and get busy digging through our partner’s warehouse in LA. Sometimes we come up empty handed, but sometimes we hit pure gold.

The single roll of deep indigo denim that we found for our Utility Jacket is exactly that. It’s a great weight, has just the right amount of stretch to enable a tailored, yet functional fit, and the natural indigo develops a wonderful patina.

Guaranteed to be a new favorite, but get it while you can. One roll of reclaimed denim only allowed us to produce 62 jackets. When they’re gone, they’re gone.