Three of Our Favorite Zero Net Energy Prefabs

A Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home is one that produces the same amount of energy that it consumes, predominately through renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Historically ZNE homes have been complicated and expensive, but that’s no longer the case. Here are three epic prefab builders that make the process as easy as filling out a few forms and making a deposit.

Blu Homes

The Breezehouse

Blu Homes has a long-standing reputation for being one of the greenest builders of prefabs in the industry. Not only do they consider every aspect of the home – from insulation to plumbing fixtures - when calculating energy expenditure, but every single project that leaves their factory is ZNE ready. Simply add solar or another source of renewable energy and you’re pretty much done.

The Breezehouse is easily their most iconic design and for good reason. The central interior space opens on both sides allowing unrestricted air circulation and easy connection to the outdoors. Even when closed the sliding glass walls create an atmosphere that is light and airy.

Photos courtesy of Blu Homes


Method Homes

Paradigm I, II, and III

The Paradigm series from Method Homes, designed by Bogue Trondowski Architects, focuses on an open floor plan concept that provides a sense of spaciousness on the inside while seamlessly connecting to the outdoors. The three models in the Paradigm series are easily configurable and are all ZNE ready. They also look pretty damn nice – go ahead and gawk at that cantilevered second story if you want to. We sure did.

Photos and renderings courtesy of Method Homes

Living Homes

The RK1.1

Designed by famed California architect Ray Kappe, Living Homes manufactures some pretty awesome prefabs that have a warm, modern vibe and a unique, multi-layered sense of space – think sunken living rooms and elevated reading nooks. Famed for designing and building the very first LEED Platinum certified home in the nation, they’ve continued to lead the march toward sustainability by pushing the limits of what’s possible in a prefabricated structure. All of their projects are capable of achieving LEED certification as well as Zero Net Energy.

Photos courtesy of Living Homes