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The Inspiration Behind Our Zip Hoodie

The Inspiration Behind Our Zip Hoodie

While we take most of our design cues from the here and now, the inspiration for our ZIP HOODIE came from the rad vintage ski racing sweaters of the 70s.

Photo via alpinestyle56.com

In looking back at the old sweaters, which typically had a strip of ribbing running the entire back or side of the sleeve, we realized that if we only put ribbing on the lower back half of the sleeve it would keep the sleeve up by making it snug around the forearm without creating a bothersome tight cuff. We also realized that it would look pretty recognizable and unique.

We then carried that style throughout the design by putting ribbing only around the back half of the bottom hem, which helps prevent the hoodie from riding up in the front and also gives it a super clean appearance. 

The contrasting rib works nicely with our custom French Terry, woven in a unique salt and pepper pattern in Los Angeles.

We finished it off with custom California-made UCAN zippers and black herringbone trim from Japan. The hood is lined with 100% organic cotton and the fit is just right - tailored yet comfy. 

In short, it’s the perfect everyday layer for life on the coast or in the mountains, and anywhere in-between.